Less waste for a cleaner Earth.

Our sustainable packing shift.

Plastic pollution is a worldwide problem. The nature of our product necessitates a certain level of barrier thickness to maintain the jerky’s texture, flavor, and integrity. This barrier requirement keeps out oxygen and ensures a fully enclosed bag. The downside this creates is that we are not able to switch to 100% recyclable or compostable materials within current packaging technology. We do however have an eco-friendly food packaging that is as sustainable as current packaging allows and we are excited to have made the switch.


Natural Resources: The interior layer is made from 100% renewable plant-based resources like sugar cane.

Waste Reduction: The new bags can help reduce waste as 60% of each bag can break down naturally in a relatively short period of time when left in the correct composting environment.

Climate Change: The plant-based components that make up our new packaging can absorb greenhouse gasses through natural plant respiration prior to use in packaging.


Our switch to eco-friendly food packaging was successfully funded through Kickstarter. Featured on Kickstarter's "Projects We Love."

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To incorporate Windward packaging into a compost we recommend utilizing the bags as part of your dried composting material. Over the course of 10 weeks our packaging can drop from 14g to 10g in weight, a decrease of about 29%. The entire outside print layer will dissolve into the compost and, once dried, the interior layer will start to shrivel and condense in volume.

Once the bags go through this process and you’re left with only a portion of the interior plastic layer then you would dispose of the remaining material in the regular trash. Our packaging supplier is currently working on a 100% compostable packaging; once that is achieved we fully intend on updating our bags!

How and Why to Compost: