Finding Inspiration and Developing a Concept

When we started brainstorming ideas for a new flavor, we knew that a couple of things had to be true. As beer lovers, priority number one was to use beer in the marinade. We also knew that we had to make a major statement with our first jerky release since we launched the company. Our new flavor needed to set us apart from other brands of beef jerky while setting the tone for future flavors. With this in mind, we began searching for a new concept that would eventually become the recipe for Crossroads.

The inspiration for this concept eventually came to us from the famous Angel Oak, a 400-year-old Southern live oak tree located on Johns Island, South Carolina. To us, this legendary tree represented an elegance that could only be achieved with age. We sought to capture this idea by building the foundation of the new recipe with ingredients the required an aging process. Key among these ingredients was ancho chili powder, made from peppers that are ripened and dried in sunlight. Stout beer was also a natural fit as it is a style of beer that can develop rich and complex flavor when properly aged and cellared.

We had finally found an excuse to use beer in our beef jerky! Above all, we were developing an interesting recipe with high quality ingredients.

Crossroads Art

What’s in a Name?

As the rest of the recipe took shape, we noticed that it was becoming a reflection of our own past. It was a combination of familiar smoky, sweet, and spicy flavors found in our original lineup of jerky. It was as if the paths of our first three flavors had converged at a crossroads.

And so, Crossroads was the perfect name for the new jerky. Crossroads is an acknowledgement of the many paths we took to get to this point, but it is also an indicator of the road that lies ahead. On this road, we press forward in an endless search for bold flavors, high quality ingredients, and interesting stories.